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Configuring notifications

By default, notifications are active for all hosts and services. In Centreon Cloud, notifications are sent by the central server.

In which cases are notifications sent?​

Notifications are sent in the following cases:

  • when a resource is in a non-ok state (Warning or Critical for a service, Down ou Unreachable for a host)
  • when a resource goes back to an OK state
  • when a downtime starts.

Who are notifications sent to?​

Notifications are sent to all users.

How are resources checked?​

Resources are checked according to the following parameters:

  • Checks are made 24x7, every 5 minutes for as long as the host or service is in an OK state.
  • When a host or service enters a non-ok status (SOFT status type, e.g. DOWN SOFT for a host), Centreon checks 3 times that the host or service is still in a non-ok state (1 minute elapses between each of these checks).
  • If, after these 3 checks, the resource is still in a non-ok status, its status type becomes HARD and notifications start being sent.
  • Checks are then made every 5 minutes to see if the resource is still in a HARD state. Notifications are sent every 5 minutes.