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Architecture of Centreon Cloud

Your Centreon Cloud platform consists mainly of a central server provided by Centreon and pollers that you install in your infrastructure. In addition, the Centreon CIAM module allows you to manage organizations and users, and to log in to Centreon Cloud.


Central server

  • The central server is provided to you by Centreon, ready to use.
  • The central server does not monitor resources in your infrastructure (the pollers do).
  • The central server has a user interface, in which you can see the resources monitored by all pollers.
  • You can reach the user interface from anywhere, using a web browser, at <organization>.<region>
  • The central server is hosted in the cloud.
  • Centreon installs and upgrades central servers.

One or more pollers

  • Pollers monitor resources in your infrastructure. They should be in the same network as the resources they will monitor.
  • Pollers do not have a user interface (you see the pollers' activity on the central server's interface).
  • Pollers are part of your infrastructure, which means better security, latency and bandwidth.
  • You install your pollers using a simple script.
  • The communication between the central and the pollers uses HTTPS.

Centreon CIAM

  • The CIAM has a user interface that is separate from the central server's.
  • Before you can use Centreon Cloud, you need to configure your organization in the CIAM, and invite your users to your platform.