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Architecture of Centreon Cloud

Your Centreon Cloud platform consists of a central server provided by Centreon and pollers that you install in your infrastructure.

  • Central server:

    • The central server is provided to you by Centreon, ready to use.
    • The central server does not monitor resources in your infrastructure (the pollers do).
    • The central server has a user interface, in which you can see the resources monitored by all pollers.
    • You can reach the user interface from anywhere, using a web browser, at <organization>.<region>
    • The central server is hosted in the cloud.
    • Centreon installs and upgrades central servers.
  • One or more pollers:

    • Pollers monitor resources in your infrastructure. They should be in the same network as the resources they will monitor.
    • Pollers do not have a user interface (you see the pollers' activity on the central server's interface).
    • Pollers are part of your infrastructure, which means better security, latency and bandwidth.
    • You install your pollers using a simple script.
    • The communication between the central and the pollers uses HTTPS.