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Introduction to third-party integrations

Centreon provides numerous ways to cooperate with third-party tools to guarantee a perfect integration within your IT ecosystem. Contact your Centreon consultant to implement the integration you want.

Data streaming

Send your data to solutions specialized in storing, indexing, or managing vast and heterogeneous data sources. It also highlights solutions to generate alerts from log management solutions.

  • Elastic Events
  • Elastic metrics
  • Logstash Events
  • Datadog Events
  • Datadog Metrics
  • Splunk Metrics
  • Splunk Events
  • Warp10
  • Kafka Event Manager

Send your logs and alerts to your incident management solution to externalize incident management, including escalations or automation.

  • BSM
  • HP OMI
  • Opsgenie integration
  • PagerDuty Events
  • ServiceNow Incident
  • ServiceNow Event Manager
  • Signl4 Events
  • ServiceNow MID Server

See also the documentation for Centreon Stream Connectors.


Integrate Centreon with an ITSM tool, based on Centreon Open Tickets.

Can't find the integration you're expecting? Just let us know by reaching us on Slack or contacting us through our contact form on our website.