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Users in Centreon Cloud

In Centreon Cloud, users/contacts can:

  • Log in to the Centreon web interface.
  • Receive notifications.
  • Access their profile's settings (profile icon at the top right of the interface), and:
    • Switch to dark mode.
    • Change the user interface language.
    • Display the page in full screen mode (F).

All users can access their own account to change their password (by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen). All users can see all resources monitored by the platform. All users receive notifications.

User roles

There are three roles for users in Centreon Cloud, each with a specific set of rights.

  • User. Typically, Users are the people who will do the monitoring. They can:

    • use the Resources Status page to view the status of all resources, filter the view, acknowledge alerts, define/plan downtime, force a check, add a comment.
    • use custom views, performance graphs and dashboards.
  • Editor. Editors can do the same things as Users, but they also can:

    • create hosts and services, meta-services, templates, categories, etc.
    • disacknowledge an acknowledgement, submit a result, etc.
    • view the list of pollers, export the configuration
    • install Monitoring Connectors.
  • Administrator. Administrators can do the same things as Editors, but they can also invite users using the CIAM.

Creating users

Users are managed in Centreon CIAM. Only CIAM Administrators can invite users into an organization (i.e. to a Centreon Cloud platform).