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Version: 20.04

Using packages

Pre-installation steps​

Disable SELinux​

SELinux should be disabled. To do this, you have to edit the file /etc/selinux/config and replace enforcing by disabled, or by running the following command:

sed -i s/^SELINUX=.*$/SELINUX=disabled/ /etc/selinux/config

Reboot your operating system to apply the change.

After system startup, perform a quick check of the SELinux status:

$ getenforce

Configure or disable firewall​

Add firewall rules or disable the firewall by running the following commands:

systemctl stop firewalld
systemctl disable firewalld

Install the repository​

To install Centreon software from the repository, you should first install the centreon-release package, which will provide the repository file.

Install the Centreon repository using this command:

yum install -y


To install the monitoring engine, run the command:

yum install -y centreon-poller-centreon-engine

To make services start automatically during system bootup, run the following command:

systemctl enable centreon centengine centreontrapd snmptrapd

Passive monitoring services can be started:

systemctl start centreontrapd snmptrapd

Active monitoring service will be started following the generation of its configuration.

Add the Poller to configuration​

Go to the Add a Poller to configuration.

Secure your platform​

Don't forget to secure your Centreon platform following our recommendations