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Version: 20.04

Generic actions

In the Configuration menu it is possible to perform certain “generic” actions on the various objects.

Add / Delete

The addition of a new object is done via the Add instruction next to the More actions... menu.

To delete an object:

  1. Select the object(s) that you want to delete by checking the box(s) next to its name.
  2. In the More actions... menu click on Delete.

Deletion of an object is final. If you delete an object by accident, you will need to re-create it. In the same way, deletion of an object automatically deletes all the objects linked to it and which cannot live without it. E.g.: Deletion of a host results in the deletion of all the services associated with this host.



Duplication of an object enables it to be copied / cloned to be able to re-use its Attributes for the creation of a new object. E.g.: I have 10 identical web servers to supervise:

  1. I add the first web server with all the necessary Attributes
  2. I duplicate this host 9 times
  3. It only remains for me to change the host names and the IP addresses of each duplication to adapt it to the 9 other web servers to be monitored

Thanks to this method, it is no longer necessary to create each host individually.


To duplicate a Business Activity:

  1. Select the Business Activity that you want to duplicate by checking the associated box
  2. Click on the duplicate icon: image
  3. Enter the number of duplications that you want to obtain


  1. Click on OK

Massive Change


Massive change enable us to apply a change to multiple objects.

E.g.: All the web servers previously created change SNMP communities. A massive change enables us to change this community without it being necessary to change each sheet of each host individually.


To perform a massive change:

  1. Select the objects you want change
  2. In the More actions... menu click on Massive Change

The change menu opens, there are 2 types to change:

  • Incremental: signifies that the change will be added to the existing options
  • Replacement: signifies that the change will overwrite the existing options

Enable / disable


The enabling and disenabling of objects enables us to take the object into account or not during configuration generation. The main advantage is to be able to keep the configuration of an object without applying it.


To enable / disable an object:

  1. Select the objects you want enable/disble
  2. Click on icon to Disable or Enable

It is also possible to enable or disable an object via the State field of the object detail sheet or by using the following icons

  • image
  • image


To delete an object:

  1. Select the objects you want to delete
  2. Click on icon to delete image
  3. Confirm the action