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Version: 20.04

Deploying a configuration

On creation/deletion/change of objects via the configuration interface, the changes performed are not applied automatically to the scheduler. To apply the changes performed, it is necessary to follow the procedure below.


  1. Go to the Configuration > Pollers menu
  2. Choose the pollers which you want to export configuration


  1. Click on Export configuration
  2. Check the boxes: Generate Configuration Files, Run monitoring engine debug (-v), Move Export Files and Restart Monitoring Engine
  3. Click on Export


The Post generation command option can be used to request the execution of the command post-generation set at the configuration of the scheduler.


Multiple options are available in the configuration generation page:

  • Generate Configuration Files: Generates the scheduler configuration files in a temporary directory. This configuration is generated from objects configured via the web interface
  • Run monitoring engine debug (-v): Enables the scheduler to check the generated configuration
  • Move Export Files: Moves the configuration files from the temporary directory to the scheduler directory
  • Restart Monitoring Engine: Restarts the scheduler to apply the new configuration files
  • Post generation command: Executes the command post-generation set at the configuration of the scheduler level