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Version: 20.04

Centreon Platform 20.04.0

Release date: April 22, 2020

You'll find in this chapter the global Centreon Plateform 20.04.0 release note.

To access detailed release note by component, use the following sections:

New Events view (beta)

Centreon Web comes with a brand new events view management experience. This new view is released as a beta feature becauwe we want to make this new view the most efficient monitoring view dedicated to operators and system/network administrator. To get to that point, we'll quickly iterate based on what we already know and your feedbacks.

This new view is accessible directly from Home > Events view (beta)" and brings the following capabilities:

  • A unified page that regroups host & service resources in one single place for a unified events management
  • Regexp search based on multi-criteria and the possibility to force the search on a specific criteria (host name, host alias, host address, service description)
  • Multi-criteria search based on multi-selects
  • Inline & massive quick actions: acknowledgement, set a planned downtime, re-check a resource
  • Detail information on the side of the listing, to quickly access information and not losing what you were currently looking at
  • ... And more to come in the next weeks/months

To know more about this feature, have a look to the documentation

Centreon on Mobility

Centreon comes now with a Mobile App. that you can install on your phone to be able to perform the most common actions on resources:

  • Display resources status
  • Filter resource status
  • Act on any resource: acknowledge or set a downtime
  • Display detail status information and graph when appropriate

Find more about this mobile application in the dedicated section

A more flexible hosts discovery


The Hosts Discovery feature coming from the Auto Discovery extension has been totally rewritten to bring a new experience when it comes to add resources to your configuration.

We've also added new functionalities:

  • Easier and more secure management of credentials,
  • Possibility to discover resources from any monitoring server,
  • New mapping system to link results with Centreon configuration.

Give a look at the dedicated section to know how to launch your first discovery job!

A better service mapping

Easier to configure and more relevant complex IT workflow monitoring

New calculation methods

We've improved our service mapping capability (Centreon BAM extension) by adding new status calculation methods.

IT Service or App. modeling was hard to understand mainly because the only mechanism the user had to determine an App./IT service status was a method based on an “Impact” mode.

Now you're able to:

  • Model simple use cases using Best or Worst status calculation methods
  • Model cluster concepts using a new Ratio calculation method

Ex: I want 50% of my indicators to be OK > in that case you use the "Ratio" method and configure it like that


New planned downtime inheritance management

Business activity (\<=> App. & Services) appears “Down” even when a maintenance (\<=> planned downtime) was anticipated by the IT teams. That’s not convenient because it may be visible by external stakeholders & understandable in the reporting

We add the possibility to exclude the indicator when it’s in planned downtime so the Business Activity is not impacted during this planned downtime.


It's configurable at business’ activity level & globally (default behavior)

Graphical View administration simplified

License management simplified

The license is now managed using the same mechanism than the other extensions: upload & activate it on the Centreon central server.

Don't worry if you come from a \< 20.04 version, your license is still valid. You'll only have a warning message in the license manager telling you that a license is required but it has no impact on Centreon Map. You can ask a new one to our support.

Packaging simplified

Centreon Map server package doesn't require tomcat anymore, it only relies on Java.

When you manipulate the corresponding service, you have to use now

systemctl restart centreon-map

And logs are now in /var/log/centreon-map/

Finally, it's now possible to install Centreon Map using an "automatic" (silent) mode instead of the only interactive mode.

Architecture & Performance

New tasks handler

A new component has entered the Centreon family: Gorgone.

Gorgone comes in replacement of Centcore to ensure tasks handling in distributed architectures: user's actions from web interface, copy of Engine and Broker configurations and so on.

It will also be used as a new way to perform any other actions that is not monitoring. First applications are hosts discovery, new Anomaly Detection module configurations fetching or platform statistics collection.

Gorgone comes with a legacy mode to handle SSH communication with monitoring servers, but the new ZMQ communication is recommended to fully benefit from all the new functionalities.

See the communication section to know more.

Engine: future ready, Broker: multi-thread compatible

In this version, Engine introduces the last stage of the new Anomaly Detection feature. Its performances have been globally improved.

Broker on its side has been partially rewritten to get ride of QT and bring a new way to communicate with the SQL backend through multi-threaded connections.

Both now provide a new gRPC API that will tremendously improve the way we can communicate with them in future versions.

High Availability for everyone

Centreon opens its High Availability solution to everyone by sharing its source code and installation procedures.

Give it a try by following the dedicated documentation.