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Version: 20.04

Upgrade the extension

When updating from version < 18.10 to a version >= 18.10, you need to

  • Retrieve a new license from Centreon support
  • Make sure your Centreon MBI server is based on CentOS/RH 7. You may use the following procedure to migrate your server: Migrate your reporting server

The upgrade of Centreon MBI is made of 3 steps :

  • Updating the repository
  • Updating the extension interface
  • Updating the reporting server

Update the repostory

When you upgrade from a minor to another minor (i.e 19.10.x to 20.04.x ) you first need to update the repository on your Central & reporting servers.

Execute the following command to install the new repository:

yum update $(IFS=$'\n' BASE=( $(sed -n 's/baseurl=\(.*\/stable\/noarch\)/\1/p' /etc/yum.repos.d/centreon-mbi.repo) ) ; echo "${BASE[0]/19.10/20.04}RPMS/centreon-mbi-release-20.04-1.el7.centos.noarch.rpm")

You may need to update 19.10 if you're not currently in this version

Upgrade the extension interface

  1. Update the package, run the following commands:

    yum update centreon-bi-server
  2. Update through the interface: Log on to the Centreon web interface and go to the Administration > Extension > Manager page and click on the AirUpdate button to update the extension and the widgets

Upgrade the reporting server

Connect to your reporting server and stop the scheduler service (CBIS):

systemctl stop cbis

Then run the following commands: :

yum clean all
yum update centreon-bi\*

Start the scheduler service:

systemctl start cbis

You're done :)