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Version: 20.10

Using virtual machines (VMs)

Two preconfigured virtual machines are available on the Centreon download web site

These virtual machines are available in OVA (VMware) and OVF (VirtualBox) format.

The OVA/OVF may not have a network adapter configured. If so, you will have to configure a network adapter in your virtual machine before you proceed.


The first step is to import the OVF File. Go to File > Deploy OVF Template and select a file. Because the menu selections are actually linked to your specific VMWare configuration, we are unable to provide more information. Be advised that best practice is to use Thin Provision to save as much free space as possible on the disk.


Log into the CLI of your Centreon VM. The server has a default password.

To connect to the web UI use: admin/centreon.

You can also connect to the server via SSH using the account: root/centreon. The root password of the DBMS is not initialized.

For security reasons, we highly recommend for you to change these passwords after installation.

On your first login to Centreon CLI, you will see a banner that describes additional oerations to be performed. It is imperative that you complete the instructions, especially operations 4 and 5.

To remove this message, delete the /etc/profile.d/ file.

Getting started

Go to the Getting Started chapter to configure your first monitoring.