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Version: 20.10

Introduction to third-party integrations

Centreon provides numerous ways to cooperate with third-party tools to guarantee a perfect integration within your IT ecosystem.

Integrations rely on various modules and features to make Centreon compliant with your data, alerts, events, or metrics management processes:

  • Centreon Stream Connector, get the capability to send event and metrics to a third-party tool. They help you to get maximum insights from your monitoring data while seamlessly integrating with your existing processes thanks to advanced filtering and formatting capabilities.

  • Centreon Open Ticket extension introduces additional UI actions and backend boiler-plates to create cases within your favorite ticketing system.

  • Centreon Plugin Packs, offers the possibility of grabbing data from other monitoring tools and making Centreon the single pane of glass for all your alerts.

This documention is organized to guide you to the right integration depending upon the feature or value-proposition you want to obtain by connecting Centreon with a third-party solution. Here is a list of integrations domains:

Can't find the integration you're expecting? Just let us know by reaching us on Slack or contacting us through our contact form on our website.