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Version: 20.10

Install Centreon BAM extension

Centreon BAM is a Centreon extension that requires a valid license key. To purchase one, contact Centreon.


The required version of Centreon software for compatibility with Centreon BAM is Centreon 20.10.


Install the package​

Add the Centreon BAM repository, you can find it on the support portal.

And install the package using the following command:

yum install centreon-bam-server

Upload the license​

A license file bam.license is provided by Centreon. Go to Administration > Extensions > Manager and upload the license using the interface.

Install the interface​

Go to the Administration > Extension > Manager menu and click on the install button for the following modules:

  • License Manager (if not yet installed)
  • Business Activity Monitoring


Once installed and the license added, the module will be framed in green and will indicate the license expiry date:


If you are using MariaDB replication for your monitoring databases, installing Centreon BAM generates a view. You need to exclude it from replication by adding the following line on the my.cnf file of the slave server:


Create the view manually on the slave server by executing the following command line:

mysql centreon < view_creation.sql