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Version: 21.04

Event Logs

Event logs allow us to:

  • View the changes of status and state of the monitored objects
  • See the notifications sent and their recipients

To view the event logs, go into the Monitoring > Event logs menu.


The upper menu can be used to select the hosts and/or the services event logs to be viewed. You can choose a selection of services or hosts in a list contained in servicegroup or hostgroup.

The Message Type and status field can be used to select the search filters to display the events required.

The Log Period field can be used to select the time period for which we want to view the events. The drop-down list can be used to select generic time periods. If the drop-down list is empty it is possible to choose the time period manually using the From and To fields.

The table can be used to view the results.

You can export the result through CSV or XML format using the export buttons: