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Version: 21.04


Installing the Autodiscovery module

  1. To install packages, execute the following command on the Central server:

    yum install -y centreon-auto-discovery-server
  2. Connect to the Centreon web interface using an account allowed to install products and go to the Administration > Extensions > Manager menu.

  3. Make sure that the License Manager and Plugin Packs Manager modules are up-to-date before installing the Auto Discovery module.

  4. Click on the installation icon corresponding to the Auto Discovery module:


    The module is now installed:


  5. To get ready-to-use discovery rules, go to the Configuration > Plugin Packs page and install the plugin packs for the discovery providers you want.

Setting up a dedicated autodiscovery account

We recommend that you set up a dedicated technical account (e.g. autodisco) that will execute the discovery jobs in the background (different from the one you use to create and launch jobs in the interface).

  1. On page Configuration > Users > Contacts/Users, create a dedicated user. On the Centreon Authentication tab, give it the following rights:

    • Reach Centreon front-end: No
    • Admin: Yes
    • Reach API Configuration: Yes.
  2. In the Central server's terminal, edit the following file:


    Replace the default username and password by the credentials of your dedicated autodiscovery account.


    - name: centreonv2
    base_url: ""
    username: autodisco
    - name: clapi
    username: autodisco
  3. Restart the gorgoned service:

    systemctl restart gorgoned