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Version: 21.10

Set up your free IT-100 solution

Centreon offers you the possibility to test all the features of the Centreon IT edition for free, with the IT-100 trial formula.

Your Centreon platform must be able to access the internet for the IT-100 license to work.

For more information, read our FAQ on Centreon IT-100.


  1. To request your free trial license, go to our website on page Try Centreon IT Edition and fill in the following form:


    You will receive an email containing your token to try Centreon IT edition.

  2. Install Centreon quickly using a ready-to-use virtual machine.

  3. Log in to the web interface, at the following address: http://IP_ADDRESS/centreon. (Replace IP_ADDRESS by the IP address or FQDN of your Centreon web server.)

    The default credentials are admin/centreon.

  4. Add the Centreon IT Edition token you have received by email.

    If necessary, configure the proxy to allow the Centreon server to access the internet.

    1. Go to Administration > Extensions > Manager and click the Add Token button:


    2. A window opens. Enter your token and click on the Save button:


  5. Your platform is now ready. You can monitor your first host.


I haven't received my token by email​

  • Make sure the email address you provided in the IT 100 registration form is valid.
  • Make sure the email containing the token has not been moved to the spam folder.

I cannot register my token​

If token registration does not succeed when clicking Add Token on page Administration > Extensions > Manager:

  • Make sure your Centreon platform is allowed to reach the internet (firewall, gateway, routes). Check that the machine can access the following URL:

  • Make sure your Centreon platform settings allow it to reach the internet. The proxy is configured on page Administration > Parameters > Centreon UI, section Proxy options: click Test Internet Connection.

  • If you are using the virtual machine provided by Centreon, check that you have configured a network card. The installation procedure, step 2 gives an example of how to add a network interface to the VM you have just imported into VMWare or VirtualBox.

  • If you don't need a proxy or your proxy is configured correctly, and token registration fails, it may mean that DNS servers are not correctly configured on the Centreon server. Log in to your Centreon server using SSH and run the following command:


    If you receive something like this, it means that your DNS servers are configured correctly:

    PING ( 56 data bytes
  • Check the logs (/var/log/centreon/license-manager.log) for error messages:

    • This message means that the API cannot be reached: 2022-03-02 10:26|0|0|[RestNotFoundException] : Page not found
    • This message means that the token format is valid but not recognized by the API: 2022-03-02 10:22|0|0|[RestUnauthorizedException] : {"message":"Authentication failed"}
  • Make sure the IT-100 token is not already used on 3 other Centreon platforms. A limit of 3 Centreon platforms can simultaneously register the same token. Above 3 platforms, you need to release a token from a platform to use it again.

    • Go to Administration > Extensions > Manager. Click View license, then Unlink your platform.

    If you have any issue to access your platforms, contact Centreon.

  • To test the connection to our subcription service, log in to your Centreon server using SSH and run the following command:

    curl -s ''

    If you get the following message, then the connection to the Centreon service is correct:

    {"message": "Authentication required"}

    Otherwise, a problem has occurred when registering the instance. See "Still stuck?".

"Your license is not valid"​

Check whether a license is actually registered on the server. If a license is registered on the server, the following file will exist: /etc/centreon/license.d/epp.license.

I cannot select a host template when creating or modifying a host​

  • The plugin packs are not installed.

  • You have reached the maximum number of hosts that your license allows. This is the number of hosts on page Configuration > Hosts > Hosts, whether they are actually monitored or not. To check how many hosts you have:

    • Go to Configuration > Hosts > Hosts and check the number of hosts (the dropdown list at the top right of the page can give you the exact number).

    • Log in to your Centreon server using SSH and run the following command:

      mysql -u root centreon
      MariaDB [centreon]> SELECT COUNT(host_id) FROM host WHERE host_register = '1';

    If you have reached the maximum number of hosts allowed by your license, you can either delete hosts, or request a larger license.

All plugin packs are greyed out on page Configuration > Plugin Packs​

See above, "I cannot select a host template when creating or modifying a host".

I can see no discovery providers​

If you can see no discovery providers when you click Add on page Configuration > Hosts > Discovery, install the Plugin Packs corresponding to the providers you want.

Still stuck?​

If you still have problems, send us the following information:

  • File /var/log/centreon/license-manager.log
  • The exact version of Centreon you are using. Use the following command to find it:
    rpm -qa | grep centreon-web
  • Error logs:
    • Centreon 21.10: /var/log/php-fpm/centreon-error.log
    • Centreon 21.04: /var/opt/rh/rh-php73/log/php-fpm/centreon-error.log
    • Centreon 20.10: /var/opt/rh/rh-php72/log/php-fpm/centreon-error.log
  • File /etc/centreon/license.d/epp.license
  • The results of the following SQL query:
    mysql -u root centreon
    MariaDB [centreon]> SELECT * FROM options WHERE options.key LIKE "imp%";