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Version: 21.10

Install on a Remote server

Installation of Centreon MAP for a Centreon Remote Server​

Installation of Centreon MAP extension installation on a Centreon Remote Server has to be done exactly like the installation on a Central server, only configuration and uninstallation are different.

If your Centreon Remote Server has not been installed yet, please refer to the following documentation

Then refer to the installation procedure to install the 2 mains components:

  • The web interface
  • The server

After that, you'll have to do extra steps, explained below, to finish Centreon Map installation for your Centreon Remote Server.

Images synchronisation​

Add access to the images synchronisation page Administration > Parameters > Images

[root@remote ~]# mysql centreon
MariaDB [centreon]> update topology SET topology_show='1' where topology_name='Images' ;

Centreon Broker configuration​

Configuration of Centreon MAP for a Centreon Remote Server consists in creating configuration for Centreon Broker of the Centreon Remote Server from the Central server so that, with a dedicated Centreon Broker output on the Centreon Remote Server, Centreon Map can receive real time data directly from its Centreon Remote Server.

To do so, you need to modify the Centreon Broker Master configuration of the Centeon Remote poller. Go to Configuration > Pollers > Broker configuration menu and edit the remote poller configuration.

In the Output tab, create a new output with the following parameters:


To finish the installation, generate, export the configuration and restart Centreon Broker manually.

Uninstalling Centreon MAP​

On a remote poller, you can uninstall Centreon MAP module the same way as on the Centreon server central. All Centreon Broker configuration for the Centreon Remote Server linked to the Centreon MAP module have to be manualy removed. Look at the chapter above to now what output you need to delete for your Centreon Remote Server(s)