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Version: 21.10

Open Source Extensions


You can find in this chapter all changelogs concerning Centreon Open Source extensions.

It is very important when you update your system to refer to this section in order to learn about behavior changes or major changes that have been made on this version. This will let you know the impact of the installation of these versions on the features you use or the specific developments that you have built on your platform (modules, widgets, plugins).

If you have feature requests or want to report a bug, please go to our Github

Centreon High-Availability​


  • Compatibility with other 21.10 components.

Centreon DSM​


  • Compatibility with other 21.10 components.

Centreon Open Tickets​


Release date: July 21, 2022


  • [Core] Added PHP 8.0 compatibility
  • [Core] Added the ability to use the variable in Smarty configuration for providers
  • [Install] Added the ability to use a non default database name
  • [Widget] Added an alarm duration filter in the widget configuration
  • [Widget] Added an option to schedule a check when you open a ticket or acknowledge a resource
  • [Widget] Added a preselect option in the select box if only one choice is available

Bug fixes​

  • [Core] Now use the default acknowledgement options defined in administration menu that were not applied
  • [Provider] Fixed the error 400 issue when opening a ticket using Jira provider
  • [Provider] Fixed a regression with the Mail provider
  • [Widget] Fixed the state type column that was displayed the service value instead of the host value


  • Compatibility with other 21.10 components.