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Version: 22.04

Discover the Centreon web interface

First login​

To connect to your Centreon web interface, go to URL: http://IP_ADDRESS/centreon. (Replace IP_ADDRESS by the IP address or FQDN of your Centreon web server.)

Fill in your user name and associated password and click on the Connect button:


If you have installed Centreon from a VM, the default credentials are admin/Centreon123!. Otherwise, the default login is admin and the password is the one you have defined at step 5 of the web installation wizard.

You are now connected to the Centreon web interface.


The Centreon web interface contains several menus, each with a specific function (click the Centreon logo at the top left of the screen to expand the menus):


  • Home shows custom views. Your workspace may be blank for now. Once you configure customizable widgets, you will see data and charts according to your customization.
  • Monitoring provides a combined view of the statuses of all monitored items in real and delayed time using logs and performance graphics.
  • Reporting provides an intuitive view (using diagrams) of the evolution of monitoring over a given time period.
  • Configuration allows you to configure all monitored items and the monitoring infrastructure.
  • Administration lets you access your user account.

Top banner​

Pollers section​


The left part of the top banner shows the health of your platform in real time:

  • whether all pollers are running or not: the icon becomes red when a poller has not sent data to the central server for at least 15 minutes
  • whether checks are running late or not. If the icon is orange or red, this may mean that your pollers are monitoring too many resources.

Click the pollers icon to expand the menu. On the menu, click Configure pollers to access page Configuration > Pollers > Pollers.

Hosts and services section (top counters)​


To the right of the top banner, statistics show the number of resources that are being monitored, with a specific status:

  • For hosts: number of hosts with a Down, Unreachable and Up status.
  • For services: number of services with a Critical, Warning, Unknown and OK status.

These numbers include unconfirmed (SOFT) alerts, but do not include resources that are acknowledged or in downtime. Pending resources are shown by a blue dot on the hosts or services icons.

Click on a circle representing a status:

  • Page Monitoring > Resources status opens.
  • The page is filtered according to the type of resource and the corresponding status.

Click the hosts or services icon to expand the menu and display the details of the hosts and services.

Switch to dark mode​

When you first connect to the interface, Centreon is displayed in light mode by default.

On the banner, use the switch button to turn on the dark mode. Next time you connect to the interface, the mode you previously selected remains on.

  • Light mode image

  • Dark mode image

You can also switch to dark mode by changing the theme in the account parameters.

Go to Administration > Parameters > My Account and select the General Information tab. Select Light or Dark in the Front-end Theme field.


Then click on Save. The theme is now in the mode you have chosen.

Change the user interface language​

On the banner, click on the profile icon, then click on Edit profile:


In the language select box, choose your language:


Then click on Save. Your interface is now translated.

If your language doesn't appear in the available language list, you can help the Centreon community to translate the web interface. For more details go to How to translate Centreon.

Reset your password​

Reset your password before expiration​

When your password is going to expire in the next 7 days, an orange dot appears in the banner on the right next to the profile icon:


Click on Edit profile, then change your password:


Reset your password when expired​

If you have not changed your password before it expires, you will be redirected after login to a dedicated page where you can update it:


Fill in your current password, define a new one and then click on Reset Password.