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Version: 22.04

Integrating new pollers in a manual Centreon-HA cluster

Manual HA is now deprecated. Please do not perform new installations using this procedure.

Obtaining central nodes' thumbprints

Both central nodes' Gorgone services will need to be authorized by the pollers' Gorgone services.

  • First, let's get each central node's key:
wget -O /root/
perl /root/ --key-path /var/lib/centreon-gorgone/.keys/rsakey.priv.pem

The command output should look like:

2020-09-25 10:47:35 - INFO - File '/var/lib/centreon-gorgone/.keys/rsakey.priv.pem' JWK thumbprint: RsfNibuDdOvzwP75G72rpIKIG2nRhkyGQrQXE4pXa_s
  • You must have two keys, one for each central node. Copy the last part of the printed lines (what is displayed after JWK thumbprint:) and keep it for later.

Adding the Poller to configuration

  • Add your poller to the configuration "the standard way" following these steps with ZeroMQ protocol

  • You should now have overwritten the /etc/centreon-gorgone/config.d/40-gorgoned.yaml file, and it should contain such lines:

- key: tRsFMBv9X3ScNFMwvG8D652nXMsgEYMb1qsJek-Mns8

Configuring Gorgone on the poller

  • You now have to modify /etc/centreon-gorgone/config.d/40-gorgoned.yaml on the poller in order to have both central keys in this section:
- key: key_1_from_earlier
- key: key_2_from_earlier
  • Now restart Gorgone on the poller:
systemctl restart gorgoned

At this point any of your central nodes should be allowed to connect to your poller's Gorgone service and send configuration, retrieve statistics, restart services, ...