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Version: 22.04

Integrating new pollers in a Centreon-HA cluster

Obtaining central nodes' thumbprints

Both central nodes' Gorgone services will need to be authorized by the pollers' Gorgone services.

  • First, let's get each central node's key:
wget -O /root/
perl /root/ --key-path /var/lib/centreon-gorgone/.keys/rsakey.priv.pem

The command output should look like:

2020-09-25 10:47:35 - INFO - File '/var/lib/centreon-gorgone/.keys/rsakey.priv.pem' JWK thumbprint: RsfNibuDdOvzwP75G72rpIKIG2nRhkyGQrQXE4pXa_s
  • You must have two keys, one for each central node. Copy the last part of the printed lines (what is displayed after JWK thumbprint:) and keep it for later.

Adding the Poller to configuration

  • Add your poller to the configuration "the standard way" following these steps with ZeroMQ protocol

  • You should now have overwritten the /etc/centreon-gorgone/config.d/40-gorgoned.yaml file, and it should contain such lines:

- key: tRsFMBv9X3ScNFMwvG8D652nXMsgEYMb1qsJek-Mns8

Configuring Gorgone on the poller

  • You now have to modify /etc/centreon-gorgone/config.d/40-gorgoned.yaml on the poller in order to have both central keys in this section:
- key: key_1_from_earlier
- key: key_2_from_earlier
  • Now restart Gorgone on the poller:
systemctl restart gorgoned

At this point any of your central nodes should be allowed to connect to your poller's Gorgone service and send configuration, retrieve statistics, restart services, ...