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Version: 22.04

Widget NtopNG

Use the NtopNG widget in custom views to view data about network usage collected by an NtopNG server.

The widget can display the following views (see Examples below):

  • Top N Local address : Display the n local hosts that receive/emit the most traffic
  • Top N Remote address : Display the n remote hosts that receive/emit the most traffic
  • Top N Flows : Display the top n flows by network usage (local/remote hosts and ports)
  • Top N Applications : Display the n applications that emit/receive the most traffic (group flows by application)

Install the widget​

  1. Install the following package on the central server:

    yum install centreon-widget-ntopng-listing
  2. On page Administration > Extensions > Manager, install the NtopNG widget.

Configure the widget​

To configure the widget, click on the wrench icon in its top right corner. A window opens:


NtopNG Probe​

  • Login: Account used to access NtopNG (we recommend not to use an admin account)
  • Password: Password for this account
  • Probe: IP address of your NtopNG server
  • Protocol: Protocol to use to connect to NtopNG (https by default)
  • Port: Network port to connect to NtopNG (TCP/3000 by default)
  • Interface: ID of the interface. You can find it in the NtopNG interface, on page Interface:

Interface ID


  • Mode: Select the data you want to display
  • Top: Define how many lines should be displayed


Those filters only work for the Top N Flows view. You can filter on an IP address, on a port, or on both.

  • IP Address: Display only the traffic related to a specific IP Address (do not use a hostname)
  • Port: Display only the traffic on this particular port.


  • Refresh interval (seconds): Define how often the data should be refreshed.


Top N Local address​

Top N Local address

Top N Remote address​

Top N Remote address

Top N Flows​

Widget without a filter:

Top N Flows

Widget with a filter on an IP address:

Top N Flows Address Filter

Widget with a filter on a port and an IP address:

Top N Flows Address Port Filters

Top N Applications​

Top N Applications