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Version: 22.04

Introduction to the migration process

Migration procedures apply when you wish to install your Centreon on a different OS (typically, to change from an unsupported OS to a supported OS). You need to install a new OS and a new Centreon platform, then migrate your old data to the new platform.

If you just want to switch to a newer version of Centreon and your current platform is already installed on a supported OS, use the upgrade procedures instead.

The following table describes various cases:

OSVersion of CentreonProcedure to be applied
CentOS 53.4migration
CentOS 63.4migration
CentOS 73.4 to 21.10upgrade
CentOS 820.10 to 21.10migration
RHEL 820.10 to 21.10upgrade
OL 820.10 to 21.10upgrade