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Version: 22.04

Creating contacts manually

To create a contact, go to Configuration > Users > Contacts/Users, then click Add.


To display the matrix of notification of a contact, click on View contact notifications next to the Add menu).

General information

  • The Alias/Login field defined the login to access the web interface.
  • The Full Name field contains the name and first name of the user.
  • The Email and Pager fields contain respectively the e-mail address and the telephone number of the user (in the case of a notification by SMS or call for instance).
  • The Contact template used field allows us to link the contact to a Model of contact.
  • The Linked to Contact Groups list associated the contact to one or more groups of contacts.
  • The Enable Notifications field allows us to enable the sending of notifications to the user.
  • The Host / Service Notification Options field serves to define the statuses to which notifications are sent.
  • The Host / Service Notification Period field serves to choose the time period in which notifications are sent.
  • The Host / Service Notification Command field serves to choose the notification command to a host or a service.

Centreon authentication

  • The Reach Centreon Front-end field serves to authorize the user to access the Centreon web interface.
  • The Password and Confirm Password fields contain the user password.
  • The Default Language field serves to define the language of the Centreon interface for this user.
  • The Admin field defined if this user is the administrator of the supervision platform or not.
  • The Autologin key serves to define a connection key for the user. The user will no longer need to enter his / her login and password but will use this key to log in directly. Connection syntax:

The Possibility of automatic connection (auto login) should be enabled in the menu: Administration > Options.

  • The Authentication Source field specifies if the connection information comes from an LDAP directory or information stored locally on the server.
  • The Access list groups field serves to define an access group to a user (group use for access control (ACL)).

An Administrative user is never concerned by access control even linked to an access group.

Additional information

  • The Address fields allow us to specify the data of additional contacts (other e-mails, other telephone numbers, etc.).
  • The Status and Comment fields serve to enable or disable the contact and to make comments on it.