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Version: 22.10

Generate reports

This chapter describes features you need to manipulate to be able to generate & manage reports.



A job is an entity that you configure to be able to generate a report and should be configured in terms of:

  • A report design to use
  • Centreon objects (hosts, services, host groups, service groups, business activities, etc.)
  • A specific period (last month, current month, yesterday etc.. )

Job list​

The following menu lists jobs according to their state: running, scheduled, failed, stopped or finished: Reporting > Business Intelligence > Configuration > Jobs


Description of columns:

NameName of scheduled job
Report designDesign to be used for report
PeriodPeriod covered for generated report
Output formatExport formats of generated report (PDF, Excel, Powerpoint,CSV, DOC)
Execution timeExecution date and time of scheduled job
OptionsNumber of job duplications if the duplication option is selected in the menu "More Actions"

In the "Name" column on the table, an icon is displayed according on the job state:

imageJob stopped
imageJob scheduled
imageJob being executed
imageJob ended (only for a single-use job)
imageJob failed or canceled

Search filters​

Search filters are available for quick access to jobs:


The "Search" field allows to filter by job name and "Job state" filters by job state.

Description of the different states:

ScheduledJob planned, will be executed
RunningJob running, the report is being generated
FailedJob failed
StoppedJob stopped, will not be executed
FinishedJob is completed, report has been generated. This state appears only for single jobs. Cyclic jobs return to the "Scheduled" state once the report is generated
AllAll states displayed

Refreshing the job list​

The following icons allow you to dynamically update the job list:

imageManually refresh the list and state of each job.
image imageStart or stop the automatic refresh of the page

More action menu​

The action menu allows you to perform a variety of tasks on one or more jobs in the list.


The following table describes the different options:

TrashSends the selected jobs to the trash.
StopStops the selected jobs.
RescheduleSchedules/Runs the selected jobs.
DuplicateDuplicates the selected jobs. All settings and relations will also be duplicated.

Adding / Editing a job​

To generate a report, you need to create a job by clicking on "Add" in the job listing page. The job configuration is done in two main steps (tabs):

  • Select the report design you want to use (see all the designs available here)
  • Select the perimeter on which to generate the report

Two optionals steps (tabs) can be done to :

  • Publish the report
  • Tune the job

The following menu is used for adding a new scheduled job:


A report generation job must be linked to a report design ("Report design").

Several report ouput formats are available:

  • Acrobat PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • CSV: Only the first BIRT Data Set of the report can be exported in CSV format. Usually, this format requires a specially designed BIRT report.

Reports can be generated in other languages. Currently available languages are:

  • French
  • US English

The icon on the right of the selection menu allows you to refresh the list of available report languages in the case you want to add translation by yourself


A job can be executed in 3 different ways: immediately, scheduled for later or in a cyclic way.

Immediate execution

The job will start when saving the form.


SCHEDULED > One shot



This parameter causes the job to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


For cyclic jobs, the period is calculated automatically according to job frequency:

  • Daily reports cover the previous day.
  • Weekly reports cover the previous week.
  • Monthly reports cover the previous month.

Accessing generated reports​

After a scheduled job is executed, a new report is generated and then stored on the Centreon server. You can then view or download it using the following menu Reporting > Monitoring Business Intelligence > Archives

The following table lists the reports generated:


NameName of the report
PeriodPeriod in which data was selected to build the statistics
Date of generationDate the report was generated
DownloadLink for downloading the file

Search filters​

You can search in any of these criteria:

  • Period: on what period was choosen to generate the report
  • Date of generation: when was the report generated
  • Frequency (daily, monthly, etc.)
  • Search by job name (applies to the "Name" column)
  • Search by report design


Action menu​

Use the action menu to move the reports that are no longer needed to the trash:


Job groups​

Job groups are used to manage user access to reports & mail publication

Job group list​

The following menu lists all job groups available on Centreon MBI: Reporting > Monitoring Business Intelligence > Configuration | Job groups


More action menu​


- DeleteDelete group
- DuplicateDuplicate group

Add / Edit​

A job group can be added or modified through the following menu:


Description of menu fields:

NameJob group name
DescriptionJob group description
Linked jobJobs linked to group

Report design​

The design of the reports you generate with Centreon MBI originate from ".rptdesign" files, which are created with the open-source tool Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT).

For generating a report, a report design should be configured in terms of:

  • Centreon objects (hosts, services, host groups, service groups, business activities, etc.)
  • A specific period (monthly report, weekly report, etc.).

Each report design can have a several parameters, which must be defined in the Centreon interface.

Report design list​

The following menu lists the report designs available in Centreon MBI Reporting > Monitoring Business Intelligence > Configuration > Report Design


Description of the above table:

NameName of report design
DescriptionShort description of report design
StateStatus of report design (Enabled/Disabled)
WeightReportΒ weight: report generation work load index.

Add / edit​

A report design can be edited or a new one can be added if you develop your own reports (using BIRT)


Description of the menu fields:

NameName of report design
Report Source fileName of the ". rptdesign" BIRT file corresponding to the report design. This file is stored in "reports/" directory of "Centreon MBI" installation directory.
DescriptionShort description of report design.
XML parameters fileEach report can have several specific parameters. This .xml file defines those parameters.
WeightReport weight: report generation work load index.
Report design groupsReport design group linked to report design for ACL management.

Only Centreon administrators are authorised to edit report designs or add a new one. Users without privileges only have read-only access to existing report designs.

Action menu​

The menu "More actions" allows you to perform certain actions on report designs:


TrashMove file to trash.
ActivateEnable a report design for report generation.
DeactivateDisable a report design for report generation.

Report design groups​

Report design group list​

The following menu lists all report design groups available on Centreon MBI Reporting > Monitoring Business Intelligence > Configuration > Report design groups


Add / Edit​

The following menu is used for adding or editing a report design group:


NameName of report design group
DescriptionShort description of report design group
Linked report designsReport designs linked to the group

You can store images in the Centreon MBI configuration for reuse in future reports to be generated. Use the selection menu to incorporate an image (or logo) into the desired report design.

Regardless of the size of the image (or logo) it must have an aspect ratio of 4:4 to fit into the required space.

Image list​

The following menu lists all the images available:

Reporting > Business Intelligence > Configuration > Logo


Description of columns:

NameImage name
PreviewDisplay loaded image
TypeImage format: PNG, JPEG or GIF
SizeImage size (width x height)

Add/Edit images​

To add a new image, click on "Add" then fill in the following menu fields:


Description of fields:

NameName of image. No special characters allowed
ImageImage source file

Action menu​

Use the following menu to delete images from the list. You cannot, however, delete images already linked to jobs generating reports.



All deleted report designs or scheduled jobs are first sent to the trash, as a security measure, before being permanently deleted. Use the following menu to access the trash:

Reporting > Monitoring Business Intelligence > Administration > Trash


Properties of the trash:

  • Once in the trash, an element will not appear in any other menu.
  • Scheduling is stopped for all jobs in the trash.
  • Deleting a report design or scheduled job does not cause any linked PDF reports to be deleted.

Items can be restored or definitively deleted through this menu:


Search filters​

The following search filters allow you to search for an item in the trash:

  • "Search", filter by element name
  • "Object type", filter by element type