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Version: 23.10

MAP (Legacy) known issues

Below is a list of known issues and/or bugs you may encounter when using Centreon MAP. We try to provide workarounds. We apply fixes when necessary and are forever improving our software in order to solve any issues for future releases.

IssuesWorkaround if exists
In some rare case, the content of a container may not seem modifiable. In fact, it can be edited but the rendering is not updated on the client side.To update the content: Restart centreon-map (type: systemctl restart centreon-map) and contact support so we can analyze your platform.
You may occasionally encounter illogical word wrapping on the web interface (words split in the middle).Adjust the element's size or label for a perfect rendering on the web interface (though maybe not on the desktop client).
Your desktop client may time out for no apparent reason, causing you to be disconnected and return to the login page. This may occur when starting up the desktop client or migrating from MAP 3 to MAP 4.This may be linked to the time it takes to transfer data. Open the Centreon-Map4.ini file on the desktop client and add -Dread.timeout=600 at the end. Then restart the desktop client to apply the changes.
An unwanted pop-up appears on the desktop client showing hexadecimal data. This can be due to some special UTF-8 characters that may appear in the Centreon configuration or real-time database, making XML files invalid.On the Centreon MAP server, run the following script: /etc/centreon-studio/ It will locate any special characters. If the script does not highlight any characters, please contact us. This script requires a MariaDB user with select, create and drop privileges on the "centreon" database.
When you add host groups to a geographic view displayed in a widget, the hosts are not correctly positioned.Zoom out until you see the hosts.
In the view list, you cannot enter a view by clicking it.Press Enter to enter the view.
A polygon is not correctly rendered, especially after being resized.Call images instead of drawing polygons.
The message, "The Map server is disconnected from Broker," may occasionally appear on the desktop client.Ignore this message.
On the web interface, when you double-click a process widget, the underlying command is not executed on the target host.
Deleting images on the Centreon central server is not instantaneously applied to desktop clientRestart the desktop client so deleted image(s) disappear
When you create a gauge with a width < 200 and height <80 the result displayed may differ between the web and desktop clients.Adjust the size of the gage.
Polygon resize may not work as expectedWe advise you to recreate them if the rendering fails on the web client