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Version: ⭐ 24.04

Logging configuration changes


By default, Centreon records all user actions concerning changes to the configuration in a log. To access this data, go to Administration > Logs.


The gray search bar can be used to filter the information presented via filters:

  • Object used to filter on object name (host, service, contact, SNMP trap definition, group, etc.)
  • User used to filter by change author
  • Object Type used to filter by object type


For example: To see all the actions performed by the user admin, enter “admin” in the User field and click Search.

The table below defines the columns in the results table:

Column NameDescription
TimeIndicates the date of the event
Modification type

Contains the type of action applied. There are several possible types of action:

  • Added: Indicates that the object has been added
  • Changed: Indicates that the object has been changed
  • Deleted: Indicates that the object has been deleted
  • Mass Change: Indicates a mass change of configuration on objects.
  • Enabled: Indicates that the object has been enabled
  • Disabled: Indicates that the object has been disabled
TypeIndicates object type
ObjectIndicates object name
AuthorIndicates the user having performed this change

By clicking the name of an object, you can view the history of the changes applied to it.


The table below defines the columns of the changes table:

Column NameDescription
DateDate of the change
Contact NameName of the person who performed the change
TypeModification type

The last column describes the change itself :

  • Field name: Describes the field that has been changed
  • Before: Indicates the previous value
  • After: Indicates the new value


To enable user audit logs, go to Administration > Parameters > Options and check the Enable/Disable audit logs option: