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Version: ⭐ 24.04


This section covers the general options of the real-time monitoring interface.

Go to Administration > Parameters > Monitoring.


  • The Interval Length field indicates the time interval in seconds used to program the checks and notifications
  • The Images Directory field defines the image directory in which the media are stored
  • The Plugins Directory field defines the directory where monitoring plugins are stored
  • The Start script for broker daemon field contains the path to the init script of the broker
  • The Directory + Mailer Binary field contains the path to the executable file for sending e-mails
  • Maximum number of hosts to show is a deprecated field
  • Maximum number of services to show is a deprecated field
  • Page refresh interval is a deprecated field
  • The boxes and fields in the Default acknowledgment settings and Default downtime settings categories define the default options that will be checked or not during definition of an acknowledgment or downtime