Centreon Auto Discovery 19.10.0


  • [Configuration] Install host discovery providers using Plugin Packs

  • [Hosts Discovery] Manage multiple mappings

  • [Service Discovery] Sorting services for manual scan

  • [Service Discovery] Execute discovery comands from poller behind Remote Server

  • [UI] Manage frontend translation

Bug fixes

  • [Configuiration] Break loop once attribute is found

  • [Cron] Do not run service discovery if module is not installed

  • [Cron] Fix jobs being launched several times

  • [Install] Remove topology_id field in SQL install script

  • [Install] remove hardcoded centreon database name

  • [Service Discvoery] Fix hash of discovered services causing services to be disabled

  • [UI] Manage properly long labels in wizard form

  • [UI] Include footer to avoid inception when license is not valid

  • [UI] Avoid css collisions when loading react pages


  • [Packaging] Update to PHP 7.2

  • [Packaging] Set packages as noarch

  • [Packaging] remove cipher engine fro mcron

  • [SQL] Start compatibility with SQL strict mode

  • [Upgrade] Update json to match new packs

  • [Upgrade] Migrate properly provider name

  • [Upgrade] Remove CREDENTIALS and DISCOVERY from macro