Centreon BAM 18.10.0

October 2018

This manages compatibility with Centreon 18.10 and is compatible only with this version.

New features

  • Monitoring: A filter for business activity name has been added.

  • Configuration > Indicators: The multiple KPI addition has been improved with the addition of a filter and the ability to collectively define impact types.

  • Configuration > Indicators: You can now collectively change impact types or change them by double clicking directly on the value in the column. This feature only functions in standard (not advanced) threshold mode.

  • Configuration > Business Activity: You can now collectively change business thresholds or change them by double clicking on the value directly in the column.


  • Monitoring: You can now apply sorting to columns by clicking on them.

  • Monitoring: Information on downtime & acknowledgement will appear when you hover your mouse over the respective icons.

  • Configuration > Indicators: Searching host/hostgroup/servicegroup names has been improved for use with multiple KPIs.

  • Configuration > Business activity: When you access this menu, you are now redirected to the Business Activity page and not the Business View page.