Centreon BAM 19.10.1

Nov, 2019


  • You now have the possibility to slow down graph refresh to decrease the load of the Central server when you have lots of business activities

  • You know when you need to push & reload the configuration: when you modify a business activity, using the new Configuration panel, the corresponding Poller(s) have their “Conf has changed?” value in the Poller list set to “Yes”


  • After editing a business activity, Centreon broker may failed when you have a default poller that is not the Central server

  • A double scrollbar doesn’t appear anymore in the business activity or business view listing page

  • Improve table header rendering in the listing pages

  • Graph may not appears on mouse over due to an ACL problem synchronisation issue

  • You’re now able to put a downtime when the interface is in French

  • Boolean rules are now correctly exported using CLAPI

  • The CLAPI command “APPLYCFG” doesn’t generate warning anymore when BAM is installed

  • Mail notification correctly works again (the @mailer@ macro was not correctly replaced when exporting the conf)

  • The first level of the breadcrumb in Configuration now brings the user to the correct page

  • You can’t save business activity when they contains the following caracters: ~!$%^&*”|’<>?,()=+;

  • Business activities are now displayed only once in the monitoring listing page when you select a business view

  • When you save a modification in the “Indicator” page, boolean rule attached to BA doesn’t display empty lines anymore