Centreon BAM 19.10.4

Jan, 2020

  • You’re now aware that you need to push & reload the configuration when you do modification on business activities

  • A warning will not appear anymore when generating the configuration when the notification interval of a business activity is inferior to the check interval (bug introduced in 19.10.3)

Business activity configuration multiple fixes :

  • Selected element in the multiselect are maintained when you change the page

  • You can now always scroll to the last subsection

  • The save button is grayed back when you undo modifications on the form

  • Add missing French translation

  • Stabilization of “Selected items only” parameter in the generic multiselect panel

  • (firefox) You can now click everywhere in a multiselect to open the right panel

  • The following fields are now resetable

    • (notification) first notif delay

    • (notification) recovery notif delay

    • (reporting) value input fields

    • (indicators) warning & critical thresholds

  • The “Check all” checkbox in the business view form now works

  • Input fields in the “Reporting” section were not correctly checked and could prevent you from saving the form

  • Improve performance of the business activity form

  • The listing is now ordered by name by default

  • The row per page in the listing is now correctly working

  • Remove the default notification parameter on fake host so notification is not triggered every hour by default for business activities