Centreon BAM 3.4.1

April 2016

The new version of Centreon Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is available. This is a bug fix version with no enhancements.

What’s new

Import with Centreon CLAPI

There was an error when users imported several BAs using Centreon CLAPI (Command Line API). If a BA was already present in Centreon BAM configuration, CLAPI was stopped reading the import files.


The notifcations_enabled flag was not exported on all BAs in the configuration file. Therefore BAs were always sending notifications even if user did not want to receive it.

Users received the wrong notification command. Centreon BAM was using a generic and not specific Centreon BAM command. Users were receiving notifications like _Module_BAM_xxx;ba_xxx.


The treeview in monitoring page was displayed with a disabled KPI. Information sometimes did not correspond to the actual situation.