BIRT developer’s quick start guide

Compatibility: BIRT 4.4.2

This quick start guide presents the best practices for developing reports using Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT). It is intended for developers who wish to create reports using BIRT and Centreon MBI. Knowledge of the SQL language is a prerequisite.

This documentation does not describe how to reuse Centreon MBI development libraries.

This guide introduces:

  • The main concepts of BIRT.

  • The different steps in creating a BIRT report project.

BIRT is a report design tool. It allows you to:

  • Use multiple data sources.

  • Extract relevant data for your report from these sources.

  • Format (graphically design) the report.

BIRT enables you to visualize your business data as statistics in the form of tables or graphs. Although BIRT allows you to manipulate different data sources within the same report, we advise against it when performing heavy calculations or aggregations. Extract Transform Load (ETL) software is more suitable for the purpose.


This guide will only describe basic BIRT concepts and methods for designing reports (blue box in the above diagram).