For a business view, this report lists statistics showing availability, unavailability, degraded service time and business activity alarms.

How to interpret the report

The weather icons change according to the SLA percentage defined in each business activity. If no SLA is defined, 100% availability will be represented by a sun icon, and all values below 100% by a cloud.

Changes are calcuted in relation to the previous period:

  • If the reporting period is a full month, the previous period is the previous full month.

  • In all other cases, the change is calculated by the number of days preceding the number of days of the reporting period.


Parameters required for the report:

  • Start date representing the month in which you want to generate the report (matching the start date in the Centreon MBI interface)

  • The following Centreon objects:





Dropdown list

Select logo to display in header.

Business View

Dropdown list

Select a Business View for generating the report.

hide event

Radio button

Hide events list in the Business activity

calendar color

Radio button

Coloring the calendar in green/orange/red based on SLA.


text field

Specify report title.

time period

Dropdown list

Specify reporting time period.*

* If different from “Default”, be sure that the selected time period is defined as a Default or Extra reporting time period in the BA configuration or it will not appear in the report.


  • Centreon BAM >= 3.0

  • Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0

  • Monitoring of at least one business activity to be linked to one business view