This report displays the current health of business activities at the time the report is generated. It also displays availability for a defined period.

How to interpret the report

For a given business view, the report displays the real-time health state of each business application, the hour of latest state change and duration of the current state. The report also indicates whether the application has been acknowledged or in downtime. Depending on the parameter selected, the report displays availability and failures for each application.



Parameters required for the report:





List box

Select logo to display in header.


Text field

Specify report title.

Business View

List box

Select a Business View for generating the report.


Radio button

Display historical data according to specified period.

show the reporting timeperiod

Radio botton

Show or hide the default time period related to the business activity.


text field

Specify report title.

time period

Dropdown list

Specify reporting time period or a other.*

* If different from “Default”, be sure that the selected time period is defined as a Default or Extra reporting time period in the BA configuration or it will not appear in the report.


  • Centreon BAM >= 3.0

  • Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0

  • Monitoring of at least one business activity to be linked to one business view.