This report shows the evolution and performance forecasting metrics for a host group.

How to interpet the report

The evolution of the metrics value is represented on a graph and in a table. Forecasts are calculated from the reporting period metrics value and projected into the future. An additional table provides information about critical threshold and days before saturation.



Parameters required for the report:

  • Reporting period

  • The following Centreon objects:


Parameter type


Host groups

Multi select

Select host groups for filter.

Host Categories

Multi select

Select host categories for filter.

Services Categories

Multi select

Select service categories for filter.

Time period

Dropdown list

Specify time period.


Multi select

Select metric to include in report.

Historical period in days in addition to the reporting period


Specify days used to calcutate the linear regression before reporting period.

Forecast period in days


Specify forecast days calculated by linear regression.


Metrics must return a maximum value on their performances data. Using warning and critical thresholds on performances data is highly recommended.

Performance data returned by a plugin must be formatted as follows, preceded by a pipe (|):

output-plugin | metric1=valeur(unité);seuil_warning;seuil_critique;minimum;maximum metric2=valeur . . .