This report shows the average inbound and outbound bandwith usage of network interfaces for a given host group.

How to interpret the report

First page

The first page displays the bandwidth usage ranges in percentage by interval.

Intervals are:

  • Null usage

  • Low usage

  • Average usage

  • High usage

  • Very high usage.

These intervals are configurable.


Following pages

The following pages are automatically generated for all interfaces of the selected host group (one page per interface). Each page dispays the bandwidth usage by interval with distribution by:

  • Hour of the day

  • Day of the week

  • Day of the month.

../_images/HG-Traffic-By-Interface-And-Bandwith-Ranges_2.png ../_images/HG-Traffic-By-Interface-And-Bandwith-Ranges_3.png

Parameters :

Parameters required for the report:

  • Reporting period

  • The following Centreon objects:


Parameter type


Host Group

Dropdown list

Select host group.

Host Categories

Multi select

Select host categories.

Service Categories

Multi select

Select service categories.

Low-level treshold (%)


Specify low threshold of bandwidth usage (between 0 and 100).

Average-level threshold (%)


Average threshold of bandwidh usage (between 0 and 100)

High-level threshold (%)


Specify high threshold of bandwidth usage (between 0 and 100)

Inbound traffic metric

Dropdown list

Specify metric of inbound traffic.

Outbound traffic metric

Dropdown list

Specify metric of outbound traffic.

Prerequisites :

For consistency in graphs and statistics, certain prerequisites apply to performance data returned by the storage plugins. This data must be formatted as follows, preceded by a pipe (|):

output-plugin | traffic_in=valueunit;warning_treshold;critical_treshold;minimum;maximum traffic_out=value

Make sure the plugins return the maximum value, which is required in order to calculate statistics. The storage plugins must return one metric for traffic in and one for traffic out. Units must be in Bits/sec.