This report displays information on the configuration and performance of the Centreon Engine running on a poller.

How to interpret the report

The poller name, IP address, version number and state of the engine, and date of the last restart are displayed in the first part of the report.


The report then shows the status of the hosts and services monitored by the poller.

Statistics on latencies and execution times are presented along with the hosts and services that exceed tolerated thresholds.


Finally, the report displays the current configuration of the Centreon Engine and offers tips to optimize it (in case of performance issues).



The data appearing in the report is real-time data.

Parameters required for the report:

  • The following Centreon objects:




Select poller(s) for the report

Radio bouton

Generate the report on the central poller, the remote pollers, or all pollers.

Limit latency (sec)

Text field

Specify latency threshold. Hosts / services exceeding the threshold are listed.

Limit exceution time (sec)

Text field

Specify execution time threshold. Hosts / services exceeding the threshold are listed.


The prerequisites for this report are:

  • Monitoring of the load average on the pollers ( metric names should be: load1, load5 and load15)

  • Monitoring of the CPU on the poller ( metric names should contain cpu string with the core number. Example: for a 4 core CPU, metrics can be cpu0,cpu1,…or cpu_0,cpu_1,…