Reports translation¶

Centreon MBI can generate reports in two languages: English and French. Other target languages are possible if you create the appropriate translation files.

Translation files require a .properties extension. They are stored in the /usr/share/centreon-bi/Resources/translation directory and classified by type in subdirectories.

The English-language files are named and the French,

If you need to generate reports in a language other than English or French, you should make a copy of all, giving the files a suffix corresponding to the locale of your target language.

For example, a German translation requires the file with the suffix; for a Spanish translation it would be

Then, translate all the English content in these new files into the appropriate target language.


Even if you want to translate only a few reports, you still have to translate the global translation files using the method described above. These files are:





Then translate the file or files for the report family you require. These files are stored in /usr/share/centreon-bi/Resources/translation/component/.

When the new files have been translated, go to your Centreon MBI interface, edit a job then click on the refresh button next to the language selection. The new language should appear in the list.

Select the desired language and generate the report.


Because certain languages are more verbose than others, translated text strings that are excessively long may affect the formatting (design) of the report.