Version 2.0.0 (Sep 2013)¶

September 2013

The main feature in this version is the Interactive Viewer that enables users to easily customize reports based on individual needs and preferences. You can view and modify a report containing up to 200 pages.

You can use the Interactive Viewer to perform the following additional tasks:

  • Undo and redo the most recent action.

  • Modify font properties of report data and report elements.

  • Apply conditional formatting and format data strings.

  • Sort, group, and filter report data.

  • Perform calculations and compute data.

  • Modify graphs and charts.

  • Modify Flash charts and Flash gadgets.

  • Modify HTML5 charts.

  • Rearrange, move, hide, and delete columns.

  • Create aggregate data.

  • Add page breaks in a multipage report.

  • Save a modified report design.

  • Modify cross tabs and analyze cross tab data.

  • Modify summary tables.