Version 2.0.2

July 22, 2014

This version contains high-priority features and optimizations intended to improve the Centreon MBI user experience.

New features

  • Platform monitoring for Datawarehouse

    • Reporting-data integrity plugin.

    • Data partitioning integrity plugin.

Significant improvements

  • Installation

    • Automation: The installation procedure has been simplified. After the RPM installation, the script initserver terminates the reporting server configuration. No need to update configuration files manually.

    • Integration of MariaDB JDBC driver: No need to download the MySQL JDBC driver from the MySQL website.

    • Architecture optimization: Centreon and Centreon MBI API are now installed on the reporting server.

  • ETL

    • ETL performances: Each statistic table is partitionned daily. Data is loaded and read into these table faster.

    • Data retention management: With the new partitioning system, the deletion of old data is instantaneous.

    • Single script: A new executable script, centreonBIETL, manages all functions of the ETL. Only one batch will be executed each morning instead of four batches executed sequentially.

  • Interactive viewer

    • HTTPS compatibility: The Interactive Viewer is compatible with HTTPS protocol.

Bug fixes

  • ETL

    • Duration of SLA events over several days has been corrected.

    • Compatibility with new Centreon 2.5 tables.

  • Interactive Viewer

    • Host groups disabled in Centreon were displayed in the report parameter form.

    • Report could not be saved once an error message has already appeared after the first attempt (e.g., “the name of the report is already in use”).

  • Minor fixes were made on the following report designs

    • Capacity-planning-linear-regression: Groups, categories, hosts and services could not be correctly renamed in a report.

    • Host-graphs: Metric names using special (accented) characters were not displayed correctly in the graphs.

    • Hostgroup-graphs: Metric names using special characters were not displayed correctly in the graphs.

    • Host-Detail: If a storage monitoring service belonged to several service categories, the storage statistics were not displayed correctly.

    • Hostgroup-service-metric-performance-list: Selected service categories were not read correctly.

    • Hostgroup-Traffic-Average-Usage-By-Interface: Labels were not properly displayed in a graphic if an interface name had more than 40 characters.