Version 2.1.0 (Jan. 15)

January 13, 2015

New features


  • Three new application reports displaying BAM statistics.

  • One new traffic report using centile values.

  • One new acknowledgement and resolution duration report.

ETL / Datawarehouse

  • Select the reporting perimeter to save agreggated data (e.g., hostgroups, hostcategories, servicecategories).

  • Aggregate centile statistics in a service category for specified centile/timeperiods pairs.

  • Import data from Centreon BAM 3.0.

Report scheduling

  • Generate reports that have been saved using the Interactive Viewer.

  • Delete dependancies with deprecated Centreon API.


  • Translation in French added.

  • For developers, instructions on using report parameters in XML have been added.

  • Subsection included in “Report Design” chapter explaining how to display reports by statistical types.

Bug fixes

  • During publication, logs are no longer generated even if an option is disabled.

  • French translation has been improved.

  • Bug fixes concerning reports:

  • Hostgroups-availability-1: Trends were not correctly displayed.

  • Hostgroup-availability-2: Months were occasionally not displayed correctly in the first graph and tables.

  • Hostgroup-Graph-v2: RRD graphs were not visible when generated using the Interactive Viewer.

  • Hostgroup-service-incident-resolution-2: Acknowledgement times were not correctly calculated.

  • Hostgroup-capacity-planning-linear-regression.rptdesign: Thresholds for metrics not expressed in percentage were always set to 0.

  • “Help” in centreonBIETL script improved.

  • Download link was can be sent when using the administrator notification.

  • Monitoring plugin improved when the calculation of performance data is disabled.