Version 2.1.3

March 27, 2015

The bug fixes in this version are listed below by category.


  • The jobs page no longer remains blank when using IE 8 to 11.

  • Jobs and report designs were occasionally inconsistent after an upgrade to Centreon MBI 2.1 due to a common ID between standard reports and custom reports.


  • The diagnostic plugins no longer returns a critical message regarding BAM event tables in the absence of any recent events.


  • Hostgroup-service-incident-resolution-2: Only services starting and ending within the reporting period were taken into account. Now, events that either start or finish during the reporting period are also included.

  • BV-Availabilities-1: The availability calculation on the first page and on the detailed business applications pages were not identical and could result in different values throughout.

Reports Scheduler (CBIS)

  • Cyclic jobs were not automatically rescheduled but saved as “Finished”.

  • Minor improvements made to log files.


  • For configuring an iServer in SSL using a trusted certificate, a command to add the certificate to the JDK keystore has been added.