Version 2.2.0 (Sep. 15)

  • September 22, 2015

New features

New reports

  • Virtualization: An ESX report based on Plugin Pack “Virt-VMWare2-ESX” and connector Centreon-VMWare version 2.0 or greater enables you to follow the main indicators deployed through the Plugin Pack:

  • Datastore usage

  • IOPS on datastores

  • Virtual machines that are powered on and powered off

  • CPU and Memory usage on hosts

  • Energy consumption: A report on consumption by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and associated cost

  • Application availability listing report

  • Application event list

  • Inventory report displaying hosts and template configuration

  • Inventory report for services and template configuration

  • Diagnostic reports

  • Calendar report for daily availability of hosts by time period

  • Calendar report for daily availability of services by time period

  • Calendar report for the average and maximum obtainable value by metric, by time period

Interface & report scheduling

  • Interactive viewer & report parameters: Data displayed in the parameters of the interactive viewer and on the “Report parameter” tab are now filtered – only data present in the datawarehouse is displayed. Configuration of a scheduled task has been simplified so that groups and categories not containing data are not displayed.

  • A new tab has been added to General Options called “Report parameter”. It allows you to update the ACL resources and view the reporting dimensions available to a user.

  • A new button “Reschedule cyclic jobs” on the job form enables rescheduling of all cyclic jobs.

  • You can now publish reports on Dropbox.

  • A new host category “NoCategory” containing all hosts not linked to any host category has been added. This category can be viewed by all administrator accounts by default. An administrator who has recently installed Centreon MBI can now generate reports even if the host categories have not yet been used.

  • Compatibility maintained with Microsoft Office for export in xlsx, pptx, docx formats.

  • Configuration of SMTP publication rules have been simplified for easier comprehension and configuration.

  • The new Centreon MBI logo can now be selected from a list during a job configuration.

ETL : data consolidation & statistics calculation

  • Time required for computing availability and events reduced and optimized.

  • Custom ports for MySQL now supported.

  • Management between host categories and related host templates added.

  • You can now track the progress of calculating events and the average speed. This information is stored in the file ‘/var/log/centreon-bi/etl-stats.log’ when debug mode is activated.

  • Data purge can now cover deprecated combinaisons in dimension tables, i.e., combinations no longer linked to data in the data warehouse.

  • Data warehouse monitoring plugin has been improved.

Online documentation

  • A new chapter,”How to start using Centreon MBI”, has been added. Following installation, this shows you how to generate your first report with Centreon MBI and, whenever required, check that the Centreon MBI platform is operational.

Improvements on existing reports

  • All BAM reports can now be generated for a customized reporting period.

  • The improved management system for period N vs N-1 for all reports operates as follows:

  • If the reporting period is one entire month (from the first to the last day of the month), the N-1 period is the entire preceding month. For example, a report generated from February 1 to 28 will yield a N-1 period from January 1 to 31.

  • If the reporting period is other than a full month, the period N-1 corresponds to same the number of days in the preceding month. For example, a report generated from March 1 to 15 will yield a N-1 period from February 14 to 28.

  • Event listing reports: A new option shows the login of the user who acknowledged the event, as well as any comments.

  • BA-Availabilities-1:

  • The default reporting period for each detailed application page.

  • New radio button to show / hide the detail events table on each application.

  • Hostgroup-traffic-average-usage-by-interface:

  • On the first two graphs, if the interface contains more than 40 characters, only the first 40 with ‘..’ are displayed.

  • On the two first graphs, interfaces are sorted in alphabetic order.

  • The orientation of the first page has been changed to improve the graphics displayed when there are multiple interfaces.

  • Hostgroup-incidents-résolution-2:

  • The report has been improved for cases no when alerts are detected during the reporting period.

  • If warning SLAs are not used, the report can be configured to display only critical SLAs.

  • Hostgroups-Incidents-1: improved display of radar repartition.

  • The centreon_status database, specific to NDO, has been removed from the connection files and no longer available as a default data source on Centreon MBI libraries.

Bug fixes

  • Hostgroups-Incidents-1: Consistency between bars on evolution graphics

  • Hostgroup-availability-2: Consistency between bars on evolution graphics

  • Minor fixes ( text ) on the following reports:

  • BV-Availabilities-1

  • BA-Availability-1

  • Hostgroup-Availability-2

Software compatibility




>= 2.5.0


>= 1.7.0

BIRT (only for reports dev.)


To capitalize on the application availability reporting



Centreon BAM

>= 3.0.0

Centreon Broker

>= 2.8.0