Version 2.3.0 (Dec. 15)

December 16, 2015


  • Compatibility with Centreon 2.7 along with design update.

  • Compatibility with new ACL mecanism.

  • The new Centreon 2.7 multiselect parameter has been applied to metrics selection.


  • The daily rebuild or complete rebuild now stops if a problem occurs during data import or dimension creation.


  • BusinessActivities-Event-List: New design and improved event sorting.

  • Hostgroup-Electricity-Consumption-1: Requests optimized and new color applied to last graph.

  • Hostgroup-Traffic-By-Interface-And-Bandwith-Ranges: Filter on host categories and service categories now working properly.

  • Hostgroups-Storage-Capacity-1: Correction of consistency between the crosstab and the graph on the first page.

  • Hostgroups-Availability-1: Removal of “Warning Rounding Necessary” message appearing occasionally during report generation.

  • BA-Availability-1, BV-BA-Availability-1, BA-Events-List: Header and BA name rendering improved.

Reporting server

  • The interactive view is now optionnal and no longer installed by default.

  • Integrated log rotation: Logs are compressed weekly and only the last 12 months are retained.

Report generation

  • Log system improved.