Version 2.3.1

February 17, 2015


  • ACL synchronization is now automatically started after calculating dimensions. No need to click on “Update ACL Resouces” after adding groups and categories, and after executing the ETL (in rebuild or daily mode).

  • Partition check simplified for faster execution: checks only correct creation of the latest partition.


  • A new “Concepts” section added to the user documentation provides standard ETL procedures to:

  • apply a new configuration to historical data.

  • rebuild missing reporting data.


  • A bug and an ergonomy issue affecting the new multiselect parameter for metrics (in job configuration) required rolling back to the previous version.


  • Hostgroups-Availability-1:

  • The left part of the first detailed page by group is now visible.

  • The month order in graphs is now correct.

  • RRD Graphs reports: Metric containing the backslash no longer causes the report to crash.

  • VMWare-Cluster-Performances-1: Filter can now be applied to the datastore name.

  • Hostgroup-Traffic-By-Interface-And-Bandwith-Ranges & Hostgroup-Traffic-average-By-Interface: Color consistency improved.

  • BusinessView-BusinessActivities-Availabilities-1: A title can now replace the BV name.

  • BusinessActivities-Availability-1: A title can now replace the BA name.

  • BV-BA-Availabilities-List: A title can now replace the BV name.

  • BusinessActivities-Event-List: A title can now replace the BA name.

Report generation

  • When testing an e-mail publication, the link always appeared as “Default Task name”.

  • Management of the log system cbis.out improved.

  • The three “INFO” lines displaying “Property not found” no longer appear in the log file during e-mail publication testing.

  • Special (accented) character management in e-mails has been fixed.