Version 3.0.1

June 29, 2016


  • Not selecting a host or service categories in the ACL resource filters is now equivalent to making a global selection (same behaviour as Centreon).

Report generation

  • Standard Apache libraries are now used for FTP/SFTP publication.


A number of minor text fixes have been made. The main fixes are as follows:

  • BV-BA-Availabilities-1: Rounding in the calendar object no longer displays 100 instead of 99.99.

  • Hostgroup-Electricity-Consumption-1 :

  • A custom currency can now be added.

  • Data consistency between usage and price has been improved.

  • Listing reports: Reporting period and time period are now displayed when exporting the report in Excel or Open Office formats.

  • BAM reports using a calendar: a legend has been added.

  • Host-detail*: Host events that start before the reporting period can now be displayed.


  • Dates are no longer displayed as a timestamps.


  • Hostgroup availability by host categories by month: Debug message deleted from console.

  • Business Application Availability (Gauge): Time period is now visible in the title. The value display under the gauge is no longer rounded.

  • Metric capacity planning: Number of days no longer includes historical days. The saturation date is now displayed.

  • Hostgroups, categories performance analysis by day:

  • Grouping problem no longer appears when different services running on the same host carry the same metric name.

  • Days with no data are now correctly managed. Values that had been shifted are now assigned to the correct day.

  • Storage list near saturation:

  • A ‘%’ has been added to the current value.

  • The bar representing current usage is now correctly formatted when using a view with 2 or 3 columns.

  • For performance widgets displaying a graph: “Small” units are now correctly managed (micro, micron, etc.); “undefined” no longer appears.

  • All widgets: Special characters are now supported.


  • The diagnostic script can now manage platforms using a port number in /etc/centreon-bi/cbis-profile.xml and /etc/centreon-bi/reports-profile.xml configuration files.