Version 3.1.1 (Dec 16)

December 2016

New features

Global: Compatibility with Centreon 2.8 and CentOS 7


  • New report > Hostgroup-Host-Events-Pareto: Pareto diagram highlights hosts having the greatest number of exception events.

  • New report > Poller Performance: Analyzes the performance & configuration of your Centreon pollers.

  • BV-BA-Current-Health-VS-Past: Displays two new optional reporting periods (current month and current year). Thresholds and default reporting time period can be displayed.

  • BusinessView-BusinessActivities-Availabilities-1 and BusinessActivities-Availability-1: Enables you to color the calendar in green/orange/red based on reporting thresholds defined for each BA.

  • Hostgroup-Service-Incident-Resolution-2: Average resolution & acknowledgement times have been added.

  • Listing reports: Improved footers.

Reports publication

  • Improved mail publication. The new text editor allows you to format your e-mails and use macros.


  • The reporting server can now be installed using a single command, and default publication is automatically configured.


Improved diagnostic script providing the following information:

  • MariaDB version & configuration

  • Statistics on the reporting server databases

  • The data warehouse configuration

  • Job configuration

  • Software versions installed

  • Reporting-server system information: storage space & memory

Bug fixes


The following master pages have been deleted from our standard library. If you use them in your custom reports, please make sure to update them before updating Centreon MBI: front-page-1-5, CentreonBI-1-4-portrait, CentreonBI-1-4-landscape


  • Content-Diagnostic: Report content now correctly displayed.

  • Hostgroup-Electricity-Consumption-1: Sort on the table listing the UPS is now performed on the correct column.

Report generation

  • SSH connections after SFTP publication close correctly.


  • The backup system reads the Centreon login password correctly.

  • During use of a dedicated external database for reporting data, specific ports are now correctly managed.

  • Logs management: Can be retained for 12 weeks instead of 12 days. Error message fixed.

Software compatibility



Centreon Web

>= 2.7.0


>= 1.8.0

BIRT (only for reports dev.)


To exploit BAM reporting



Centreon BAM

>= 3.0.0

Centreon Broker

>= 2.8.0