Version 3.1.2

February 23, 2017


  • Graph reports: Table of contents are now functional.

  • Graph reports: Host & service names can now be displayed.

  • Graph reports: Deleted host/service combinations no longer appear.

  • Hostgroups-Availability-1: Requests optimized.

  • Logos: Logos were not replaced in some reports.

  • Electricity consumption: Calculation and metrics management improved.

  • Poller-Performance: Number of services now counted correctly when Centreon BAM is installed.


  • Jobs: Business activities (BA) not belonging to a business view can now be used as report parameters.

  • Jobs: The listing page of scheduled jobs made accessible after a fresh Centreon install (regardless of a timezone difference appearing in Apache logs).

  • Jobs using Microsoft Office format in Centreon MBI <= 2.3 now correctly updated for use with the new Office format.

  • Widgets: Hostgroups & Hostcategories availability widgets can now display a correct curve when one curve contains less data than another.

Reporting server

  • Backup: Error “Device is busy, can’t unmount” fixed.

  • Installation: Minor fixes and enhancements made in the installation script.

  • Installation: A false error no longer appears when a database schema is correctly created.


  • MariaDB 10 compatibility (partitionning and user creation) correctly managed.

  • Date management problem, possibly causing the following errors, now fixed:

    [Thu Jan 26 15:53:04 2017] [INFO] MySQL query : SELECT `id`, `utime`, date_format('%Y-%m-%d', dtime) as dt ime FROM `mod_bi_time` WHERE dtime = '2016-09-20'
    [Thu Jan 26 15:53:04 2017] [FATAL] MySQL error : Lost connection to MySQL server during query