Version 3.1.5¶

June 27, 2017

Report generation

  • SFTP publication now works with CentOS7 / RH7


  • RRD graphs reports: Service by hostgroups made visible.

  • BV-Availabilities-1: BAs are now sorted by name on detail pages.

  • Hostgroup-availability-2: Display of host top tables improved. Only 10 hosts are displayed but names are easily readable.

  • Hostgroup-Monthly-Network-Centile: All report pages were in portrait orientation. Now, only the first page is in portrait.

  • Hostgroup-Storage-List: The number of days before saturation has been made human readable for export into XLSX/ODS.

  • Hostgroup Monthly Network Centile: The listing page can now appear in landscape.


  • Just after installation, reporting widgets could not be used with a dedicated MySQL reporting database. Running MySQL GRANT statements manually is no longer required.